Donnerstag, März 23, 2017

I Get My DNA Report

I decided finally to take the plunge and get a DNA kit from last year some time when they were on sale. The kit came. It sat around for a long time. I am really grossed out by spit, what can I say? And I have xerostomia, which is just the fancy name for dry mouth. Spitting is not on my regular list of activities.

Finally, in January, I sent in the kit. I got periodic encouraging emails explaining how Ancestry was processing my DNA. But I didn't get the email with the results until this week. Boy was I ever surprised--and a little disappointed.

It turns out I am more British than most British people. My friend Helen and her daughter, both born and raised in the UK, are a third as British as I am.


Of course, what did I expect? I know what my family tree looks like. I was neither disappointed nor surprised to be mostly British. But I was disappointed that Ancestry didn't break it down further. I wanted it to say 25% Welsh. Other people get a percentage of Irishness; why not Welshness? And I was a little disappointed that there weren't any big surprises. No one is going to make a video about my results. Although it will be fun to figure out who the Finnish or Russian ancestor is. And another family member said it was disheartening to learn that I am more British than he is--his mother placed great stock in her British heritage.

But I decided that I need more information about my DNA. I had heard about mitochondrial DNA tests, so I searched online and found National Geographic's Genographic project. They promise to track your ancestor's migration for 5,000-10,000 years, and will tell you if you have any Neanderthal genetics. Although I saw an article that says some people think the Neanderthal link is bogus, and sadly I didn't bookmark it.

Anyway, I ordered the Nat Geo kit on Monday and it came yesterday. I already sent it in!

I don't think it required quite as much spit as the Ancestry kit. Although I admit that as I sat there spitting into the tube I was a little jealous of Gaston in Beauty in the Beast, who considers expectoration one of his especial gifts.

Nat Geo says it will take six to eight weeks to get my results back to me. I'll let you know what I find out. I'm sure it will be interesting, even if I turn out not to be part Neanderthal.


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