Donnerstag, August 11, 2016

Closing In On the White Knitting

The White Knitting made it to giant square stage last week.

After this picture was taken I finished the Xs at the top and knitted the garter stitch border. But then I had to decide what to do about the edging.

Apparently Estonian practice means knitting the edging separately and then stitching it on. I do really hate sewing things on. I mean, sometimes you have to, for example in order to stabilize the shoulders and neck of a sweater. But for me, it's usually a procrastination trap.

Another reason a person might need to sew on an edging is if it has to be knitted from the outside edge in. Some lace patterns only work in one direction. I thought I had better swatch the edging from the straight side out, and make sure it would make points.

Not very pointy, but the edging in the pattern photos isn't very pointy either. So--I think it's OK to knit the edging on.

The other different thing about this edging is that the corners are not shaped by knitting, but are meant to be gathered at the corners when the edging is sewn on. Nancy Bush describes how do to this by joining several stitches of edging to each stitch at the corner of the shawl. I picked up stitches following her sewing instructions, marking the corner stitches with safety pins.

At this point I had 800-plus stitches on the needle. I couldn't see any point to counting them all. Instead I counted one side at a time, separating the stitches into groups of twelve with removable markers. 
As I expected, the stitch count was never exactly right. However, while working with just seventeen stitch repeats I could move the markers around and then correct the stitch count by picking up an occasional extra yarn over. 

I used up every stitch marker I own, including several lovely matched marker sets my sister Christie made for me. 

And now I have just twenty (really long) rows, and then done. I wonder if knitting the last four rows or so on a size larger needles will make the points pointier.

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