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Sister Retreat 2016

When the four Asay sisters got together in Minneapolis last year we didn't realize the retreat was going to become an annual event. But we did it again--this time out west.

Robin, Ruth Ann, Tan, Christie
photo credit Jennie Berndt

First stop was Arco, Idaho. We stayed at the DK Motel, which was dowdy but which had free (if slow) internet, extra pillows (if you wait while they find some in an unbooked room) and plenty of towels. We checked in and headed over to Robin's house, which was way more welcoming and had the added bonus of some preserved wildlife. Being nose to nose with a full-sized moose brings home how truly immense this animal is.

The next day we headed down to Blackfoot for a cousin reunion.

The real excitement, however, was getting all four of us into my Subaru Crosstrek to make the drive to Provo, Utah for the second leg of the party.

It wasn't so much us . . .

. . . as it was our gear. The car is a hybrid, so there is a battery in the space where you would normally stow a spare tire. You can see the spare standing up behind the oxygen concentrator.

Ruth Ann was really kind and patient when I unloaded the cargo space she had just finished loading and redid it the way I thought looked most charming. In other words, she only said one swear word.

Once we got to Provo we did the things that have already become traditional at an Asay Sister Retreat.

We ate.

We played cards and knitted.

We shopped. 

Incidentally, Heindselman's in Provo, Utah claims to be the nation's oldest yarn shop. I was disappointed to find that the huge display of garden gnomes (aka Heindselmännchen) that used to take up the entire front of the store had gone. Apparently they were all sold to make room for more yarn. An intense search turned up a few shelf models.

Did I buy anything? Next time, dear reader.

Plans for Sister Retreat 2017 are under way. The Asay sisters have one brother, and he lives in Las Vegas. I leave the rest to your imagination.

A Field Guide
to Descendants of 
Eleazer and Henrietta LaPreal Busk Asay

There were lots of representatives of Aunt Wanda's branch of the family. My cousin Martha is the oldest child in that family.

George A. (so called because his father was just plain George) is close in line. Charlene is the youngest. She and I were the Terrible Twosome from about 1955 to 1968 when they made us grow up and go away to college.

Marie is in between George A. and Charlene in age. Meeting her cute twin granddaughters was a major goal of my attending the Asay reunion. Here is Marie with her husband, Merritt, and one of the twins, Rose.

Here is the other twin, Claire, with her Great-Aunt Charlene and Bella the Dog.

And here is the twins' mother, GinGar.

Charlene visits with her daughter Tawnya and nieces Gigi and Jo:

Jo, Tawnya, Gigi, Charlene

I got a nice photo of Gigi's family:

Giselle, Gigi, Steve, Calvin

This is the only shot I got of Jennie, and I don't know who is with her in the pictures.

No cousins from Uncle Boyd's, Uncle Royal's, or Aunt Shirley's families were able to attend.

The oldest living descendant of our grandparents, Eleazer and LaPreal, is Uncle Mel, shown here talking to George A. 

 I somehow managed to miss getting pictures of Aunt Mary Ann and cousin Margo. Here is Rhonda with her son Justin, right, who looks an awful lot like our cousin Larry, Rhonda's brother, who passed away earlier this year. Between them is Rhonda's nephew from her in-laws' side of the family. 

Here are the members of Larry's family who were able to come:

Kennedy, Natalie, Addison, Erica, and Talon.

Next in age was our dad, Reed. Only our brother, Don, was not able to attend. Here is Robin with her granddaughters Kya (center) and Taylor (left):

And here is Robin's daughter-in-law, Heidi, with the witches' brew (aka dry ice root beer) that Aunt Lela specifically requested for the reunion. Heidi's husband, Roy, was up the highway changing a tire.

Grandma and Grandpa Asay's youngest child is Aunt Lela. As Don says, Aunt Lela is timeless. I don't think she looks any older at 80 than she did at 60.

Alyx, Kaycie
She had two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren at the reunion.

Family members--feel free to send me photos of people I missed, and correct any spellings or labels I have gotten wrong.

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