Donnerstag, Juli 07, 2016

RX: Do Something Fun Today

I have been feeling kind of out of it this summer. I wanted to blame it on low thyroid or high glucose, but a boatload of blood tests came back normal. So I pinned down my closest healthcare professional to do a mental health assessment for me. His diagnosis? Do something fun for a change.

It turns out that all of my goals are duty-oriented and good for me: learn the music for the next recital, be able to lift 35 lbs, finish The White Knitting on time. I enjoy doing all of these things, but they don't make me bound out of bed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to get started. We made a list of things I enjoy doing just for fun. Art was not on the list, but I woke up this morning with painting on my mind.

I was able to enlist the help of two local artists on short notice for a trip to Blick in Salt Lake. It helped that we were all interested in water color so we could concentrate our attention in one part of the store.

I don't have room for a studio, but I think it will work to get a plastic carrier for my art supplies. I can paint outside on the deck while the weather stays nice.

I also decided to start a colored knitting project to balance my mental spectrum. A couple of weeks ago I fell in love with Frangipani, by Irish artist Kieran Foley. I originally thought I could use Wollmeise from my stash, but an email from the designer suggested that part of what makes the pattern work is the long but constantly changing color runs in the suggested yarn. I tried two local shops with no luck and ended up buying Katia Darling on Ebay.

This is a magic pattern. It goes along somewhat like a traditional Feather and Fan design, but then you use The Force in Row 11 and voila:

For my next magic trick I will change to an entirely different color palette after Row 14.

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