Sonntag, Juli 24, 2016

I Learn to Crochet

Technically, I learned to crochet when I was ten. This involved a lot of creation of long crocheted chains. I know what single and double crochet are. I have failed at making a lace tablecloth (my squares got smaller and smaller) and a lace baby bonnet (my stitches that were supposed to look like bullion stitches in embroidery looked like rats nests). But Robin had a cute hat that I really wanted to try, Puffs and Bows. 

photo ganked from pattern page
When we went to Heindselman's last week as part of the Sister Retreat I bought some Plymouth Gina and two crochet hooks.

Robin got me started on the pattern.

Apparently the puffy stitches are related to bobbles, only different. They actually remind me of the nupps from The White Knitting, because you get a bunch of loops on the hook and then pull a loop through all of them at once. The White Knitting has just taken up all my crafting time lately. I have a deadline!

More shopping

At our house we are trying to pay down credit cards rather than run them up, so I have been shopping way less. There were a few exceptions this month. For example, I had a Wollmeise event; I couldn't help it, the exchange rate was so good!

Taking pictures with my phone does not do the colors justice, so I am going to link you to the website. From left these are Delphin, Mäuseballet auf der Wiese, Auf dem Roten Teppich, and Hoity Toity.

I have a kind of love/hate relationship with Wollmeise. I love the colors, the smooth finish and the tight twist. However, this tight twist can make this yarn a bear to wind on a ballwinder. It tends to kink up. Also, the socks I have knitted from Wollmeise wore out really quickly, probably because it is slightly finer than other sock yarns I commonly use. For example, Socks that Rock Lightweight has approximately 277 yards per 100 grams, and Verdant Gryphon Bugga! has about 353, while Wollmeise has 383. So I prefer to use Wollmeise in scarves and shawls rather than socks.

The other thing I bought was this adorable project bag, Summer Fireflies, from Stitched by Jessalu.  This purchase is totally down to Jennifer at Holiday Yarns, because she put a picture of it on Facebook. I don't even know if she bought one or if she just lured me into it.

The fabric and workmanship on this bag are just beautiful. Right now the Wollmeise is living in it, but I think Frangipani (no progress there, sorry) might move into it soon. 

So. My two new things that I pretend I am learning how to do are water color and crochet. If I actually do either one I'll be sure to show you. 

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