Montag, Februar 22, 2016

We Go West

Cherry and I went to Stitches West on Friday and Saturday. We used to go to East Coast shows: Maryland Sheep and Wool, Rhinebeck. Now that she lives in California, of course we will go to West Coast shows.

These conventions are like Comdex (or maybe Comic-con) for people who like to make things out of string, and for people who like to shop for handmade items. There are classes taught by knitting rock stars. There are booths manned (or womanned) by the artists who made the items they are selling. There are people everywhere enthusiastically greeting friends they haven't seen since the last show, or whom they may never have met in person at all.

I had goal beyond just hitting the marketplace. I wanted to meet the San Francisco knitters with whom I've been friends on Ravelry for years, Leslie Wong and Celia McCuaig. We got together on Friday to shop and again on Saturday for more shopping, and dinner with more knitters (and Fluevog shoe fanatics). I was frustrated when I arrived home and realized that I have no photos from these get-togethers. I was having too much fun to even think of taking pictures! We'll have to do it all again next year.

There are, however, a few photos from around the market.

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Who's who and what's what, from top left: Tan and Kate at Dragonfly Fibers; Shawls at on display at Dragonfly Fibers; Flocksock in Amortentia, Silver Sock in Merfolk's Garden, and Super Sheep DK in The Dark Side from Holiday Yarns; Cherry, Tan and Jennifer at Holiday Yarns; Dalek Bag from A Needle Runs Through It; Carolyn and Tan at Greenwood Fiberworks; Stephen West and Tan at A Verb for Keeping WarmThree Irish Girls yarns at StevenBe; Heatherly, Tan, and Cherry at Holiday Yarns; Verdant Gryphon Bugga in A Wistful Moment and Madagascan Sunset Moth from The Verdant Gryphon; Jamie and Tan at The Verdant Gryphon; Malabrigo Rueca in 057 English Rose, from Webs;  Project bags from Slipped Stitch Studios; Rabbit hand puppet from Knitterly; Kelly (Valkyriene) and adorable shopping assistant; Three Irish Girls mini-skeins from StevenBe; Super Traveller in Fire in the Evening and Forget me Knot from Dragonfly Fibers; Naturally dyed yarns from A Verb for Keeping Warm; Shawl kits at Cat Mountain Fiber Arts.

Freitag, Februar 12, 2016

Feeling the love

I worked on my Valentines today:

These cute bag toppers are from Darling Custom Prints on Etsy. They're downloadable, so if you still haven't solved your Valentine needs you're not too late! I think Sharman got the bags at Baker's Cash and Carry before Christmas. Thanks to Celia for delivering these to Lehi for me.

Other stuff that's going on:

1) I had laser surgery for a torn retina yesterday. The eye problem has been going on for several weeks, but they were finally able to diagnose and repair it. The light saber may not be as clumsy or as random as a blaster, but it still hurts if you get shot in the eye with it. Many thanks to Dr. Bell and Dr. Vitale at the Moran Eye Center in Salt Lake for their good care.

2) I am playing in a master class tomorrow with world-famous French organist, Daniel Roth. I am planning on rocking my performance of Maurice Duruflé's "Prélude on the name of ALAIN."  This is one of those things you do because it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, even if it scares the heck out of you. But I mainly need to hem up my pants so I don't trip on them getting up to the organ.

3) I am still chugging away on my January socks. It's only what, February 12? I decided to finish them as pedicure socks. This probably guarantees that it will be warm and sunny in March so I don't need pedicure socks after all.

4) And next week: STITCHES WEST! Santa Clara, here I come!

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