Freitag, Jänner 22, 2016

I haven't blogged for a couple of years because of the voices in my head that say a blog post has to be perfect and have pictures with it. I am trying to stifle the voice of perfectionism, so here goes.

This is what I'm doing in my life:

1) I am halfway through my master's degree in organ performance, as calculated by number of recitals given. I hope to present my second recital some time in April of 2017.

2) I am not knitting very much, due to #1. However, I can still show you a picture of something knitted because I finished a pair of socks on New Year's Eve. The yarn is The Verdant Gryphon's Bugga! in "Persephone," and the pattern is Love Me Tender by Cookie A. (it was a club pattern so will be available on her website in October of 2016).

3) I am trying a new program for dealing with food, Am I Hungry.  I've been doing it for two weeks and am excited about how it is helping me have a healthier relationship with food (as in, not act like Gollum about it). I'll let you know how it goes.

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So glad that you are posting again.

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