Donnerstag, Dezember 31, 2009

I lose some weight in 2009

Hopped on the scales this a.m. as I do on the last day of each month: another 3 lbs. down brought me to a round 20 lbs for the year. Slow and steady wins the race, I think.

The cool thing is that when Paul sent me to Utah Woolen Mills to pick out my birthday sweater, for the first time, the sweater I wanted fitted. I didn't have to leave it behind on the shelf and take a second choice.


I gave up on Weight Watchers. I just make sure that my carbs for each meal are in the 45-60 gram range my dietitian recommended, and I have 20-30 gram snacks in between and before bedtime (if I remember). At least this is the goal.

What has helped me most is that in 2008 I went to Overeaters Anonymous and learned a great deal about myself and the reasons I was overeating, and this year I began using lights to treat myself for Seasonal Affective Disorder. The combination of these two changes in my thinking have helped me immensely in stopping using food as a drug. Just not thinking about food at all is a good way to not eat.

The drawback is that I sometimes find myself in mental shutdown because I have forgotten to eat and to bring snacks. For Christmas, Paul gave me a coupon to a restaurant near campus so I could go out for a decent meal while I am practicing at the music building instead of buying Fritos out of the vending machine.

A very Happy New Year and Guten Rutsch to everyone! And many red sweaters to all!

love from Tan

Mittwoch, Dezember 23, 2009

I finish some Christmas knitting

Wow, this was a last-minute finish! I just got back from taking it to FedEx. I think I took care of their budget for the year. Just kidding. It wasn't as bad as the time we sent chips and salsa to Sharman in Jordan when she was on study abroad.

Now I am going to wrap presents, make cheese balls, and go to hear Howard play trumpet in a Christmas concert. I might do some more Christmas shopping just for fun.

I like Christmas :)

Samstag, Dezember 19, 2009

I survive Fall Semester; and review some CDs and a book

I think fall semester cured my anxiety. I'm not kidding. I was so stressed out over the oral presentation for music history class, that I think I may have used it all up. There was no anxiety left over for anything else. Organ juries were actually fun.

So, your CD reviews:

Christmas In The Heart by Bob Dylan

I have been a Bob Dylan fan forever, and have raised a second generation of them; OK, maybe just Todd and his wife. But I have to admit I bought his Christmas CD with a little bit of trepidation. Could That Voice do Christmas? So I ordered it, but then put off listening to it for a couple of months.

So, yeah, it's definitely Dylan. But as far as Christmas, I think it has to go in my weird collection. My seven-year-old grandson made the definitive comment on it:

"I didn't think any Christmas song could be that bad. His voice is really horrible. I can't stand to listen to that any more."

(Keep in mind this is one of the kids whose dad is an opera singer.)

So, if you're a Dylan fan, thumbs up. Otherwise, maybe not.

The other CD I got was this Sting CD.

If On A Winter's Night by Sting

I find it more listenable. There are some nice rhythmic things, some old sounding songs, some actually old songs. I was listening for hurdy-gurdy; there's a song called Hurdy-gurdy Man, but I didn't pick up on actual hurdy-gurdy in it. Well, I will have to bring it in out of the car and read liner notes. If there are any.

And now a book review:

The Gilded Bat by Edward Gorey

I picked this up at Tabula Rasa (actually I got the Sting CD there as well). We can't decide what it is, other than Edward Gorey, which pretty much says it all. I think it is an allegory* but I haven't decided for what. Sharman thinks it is a parody of a Russian novel. I think everyone should read it and we should have an online book group to discuss it. You will have to guess which is my favorite picture when you get it. It definitely calls for an Edward Gorey shawl and legwarmers, though.

And speaking of knitting, I must knit. I am knitting for Nitin, Cherry's boyfriend who has never had a Christmas stocking and who WILL have one this year.

And so, adieu.

Is there some subtle, hidden significance to the sizes of the pictures, which increase as the post goes on?

*serendipitous pun
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