Mittwoch, November 04, 2009

Just in time for next Halloween

I finished the Halloween socks on Sunday.

All Hail the Pumpkin King!

I wore them to school on Tuesday. I wanted to wear them to play the organ for convo but they were just a little too thick for my organ shoes so I had to go with basic black.

All Hail the Pumpkin King!
These aren't the leg hairs you're looking for. Move along.

The bobbles around the top are knitted on every other knit rib, increasing to five stitches by knitting in front and back of the stitch, then knitting five rows in stockinette, and then decreasing down to one stitch again. For this decrease I slipped one, k2 tog, passed the slip stitch over, k2 tbl, passed the slip stitch over again. The only tricky bit was what to anchor the bobble to. I decided to grab a stitch from the row below on the inside of the sock and knit the bobble stitch together with this picked up stitch. It seems to work fine.

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Terri hat gesagt…

I totally "heart" your socks!

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