Samstag, Oktober 31, 2009

I have Halloween knitting

There is something about the changing colors of autumn that makes me want to knit orange things.

I knitted a scarf

yarn: Zitron Trekking Tweed in "Casablanca" handpainted by Zauberglöckchen
--how does she do that, hand-dye a ball of yarn so the color changes
go from one end to the other without repeating?
pattern: Windsbraut Wintersturm from Klabauterwolle

and am still knitting socks.

Pumpkin King meets KawKawEsque
yarn: Djinni in "Pumpkin King" from Dragonfly Fibers;
pattern: KawKawEsque by Yarnissima

The scarf is itchy, but hey, that's what turtlenecks are for. I'm knitting another Windsbraut in a silk blend. Should be more comfy. These little lace projects from Moni at Klabauterwolle are working out well for Miss ADHD here.

I will see if I have time to put little bobbles around the top of the sock this afternoon. In the meantime:

Happy Halloween!


KnitNana hat gesagt…

Wow! LOVELY!!!

Tola hat gesagt…

LOVE that scarf!

Kira hat gesagt…

That scarf is absolutely STUNNING. I wish I could make something so beautiful!

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