Mittwoch, September 02, 2009

What I bought

This is what I bought when I had to reset the "not buying yarn counter":

Arlene and Raku
Wollmeise: Top, Raku Regenbogen
Bottom, Arlene

I have wanted Raku Regenbogen ever since Claudia invented it, but for some reason it has been hard to find. And Arlene is named after the person I test-knitted for this spring, so of course I had to have it. Sadly my photo does not capture the real colors. It is brown and purple, not blue.

This came in today's mail, the result of a happy trade:

Goldenrod Crab and Buffalo
Bugga! in Buffalo Treehopper (left) and Goldenrod Crab Spider

I really like getting yarn in the mail; but getting it less often makes it more special somehow :)

Upcoming activities:
  • Thursday: picking up mom in Pocatello for a visit over Labor Day weekend.
  • Friday: taking mom to her uncle's funeral in central Utah--he was 90.
  • Saturday: making cinnamon rolls, one of mom's specialties.
  • Sunday: Wee I's blessing at church (like a christening).
  • Monday: taking a day off to relax.
  • Tuesday: taking mom back to Pocatello, where Robin will meet her and take her home.

  • Wish us luck.


    Terri hat gesagt…

    You have a busy weekend ahead of you. Good luck with all that driving.

    Lovely yarn!

    I posted my three skeins from Enchanted Knolls. I am still waiting on a yellow skein from a dyer in Alaska.

    KnitNana hat gesagt…

    Lovely yarns...(okay, the yellows aren't me, but that's okay!)

    Have a good weekend, and in spite of the less then positives, make Monday count in the R-E-L-A-X mode.

    Tola hat gesagt…

    beautiful yarns!! and i imagine you appreciate them a bit more than other purchases. hope you have a great holiday weekend! love tola

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