Samstag, September 26, 2009

I see too many holes

I have run into a problem with my beaded gloves.

Eve pattern by Julia Mueller (not available yet); Wollmeise in Jultomte

It's that line of holes running through the diagonal design. They happen when a right-leaning decrease (k2tog) is right next to a left-twisted stitch (ktbl). Other people knitting the design are getting them too, but mine are more noticeable.

Diagnosis: The knitting is too stretched becase my glove is too tight.

Treatment: Start over with the next size bigger needle--or the next size up in the glove. I kind of like the dense gauge, so the bigger size might be my answer.

I don't have all that much time to knit since I am taking classes this fall and practicing the organ more. It's sad to have a project crash and burn.


KnitNana hat gesagt…

It's very pretty, tho' - I know you can't call it a design element - so I guess crash and burn and reknit?
Hope classes are going well!!

Ms. Figino hat gesagt…

Wow a pattern called after me ;-)) And it looks gorgeous so far!
Thanks for the nice comment in my blog.

Ms. Figino aka Eve

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