Donnerstag, August 06, 2009

I try a photo collage again

I spent another day uploading yarns. I am trying a different collage program. Today it is Smilebox.

Note: Smilebox opens a new window. You can get out of the slide show by closing the window.

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow: Today's yarns
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I also tried a different format for the yarns. They are all on auction rather than "Buy Now." I think if I decide to post any "sure thing" yarns, such as Wollmeise or Bugga, I will use Etsy. eBay seems awfully pricey. They take a 12% cut, whereas Etsy only takes 3.5%. But I think eBay has a wider audience.

See the yarns at my eBay store, Tan's Yarn Sale.

I hope tomorrow I will do something else. I am really tired of trying to sell yarn online. Buying it really is more fun.

*FSOT: For Sale or Trade

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