Donnerstag, August 27, 2009

I start school

My first week of school is finished.

So far I have:

  • Taught someone how to play the recorder
  • Downloaded 107 PDF files for one class
  • Tested my new exercise routine by hiking all over campus up hill and down without dying
  • Gotten my first parking ticket of the semester*
  • Gotten the organ teacher I wanted
  • Turned in my schedule so I can get practice time on the pipe organ

    Archive shot of the Lively-Fulcher organ at the U

    My knitting time is going to be seriously restricted. Not only do I actually have to practice, but I have homework. Yikes! I had almost forgotten about homework.

    My first goal is to work on projects that are promised to people, such as Piper's other glove

    Miss Sophie
    "Miss Sophie's Hands," pattern by Julia Mueller; "Der Letzte Versuch" colowary in Wollmeise

    and sweaters for Wee EE. Although the Baby Surprise is going to come out so big that I might not worry about it right away.

    I wanted to have knit a sweater for each of the little girls by the time school started, but I am stumped on M1's. I have the most gorgeous red yarn, but she wants "rainbow." I did rainbow for her last year. She might accept pink and purple, but my pink and purple yarn are kind of saying "Modern Baby Blanket" for some reason. You know I don't knit blankets . . . the sweater might be safer.

    The purple on the right is Cascade 220
    The other three are from Steadfast Fibers in Bonners Ferry, ID
    (no website that I can find)

    Right now? I still don't have my piano sign-up sheet mailed out. I guess I'll think about teaching for a while.

    Er, just a minute. If you are reading on Bloglines, you didn't notice that I had to reset my "I haven't bought yarn since" counter. A friend went to Pfaffenhoffen to visit the Wollmeise store, and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. And as long as I was having to reset the counter anyway, I ordered a skein of Eidos from Sanguine Gryphon. But I am going back to being responsible now.

    *Who knew they were actually enforcing the 2-hour rule on parking next to the playground?
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    Terri hat gesagt…

    I ordered yarn two nights ago. Add that to the yarn I purchased at the Saturday Market last weekend and that equals 4 skeins in less than a week. I do not know what came over me.

    My last parking ticket on campus happened when I was trying to pick up Oldest Son and I was caught moving a cone. My son was standing around talking to the security guy when the call came in. They both laughed that someone would have the nerve to try such a thing. Son laughed even harder when he found out it was me moving cones.

    No tickers