Dienstag, August 04, 2009

I Sell Some Yarn

I have needed to destash for a while. There is so much yarn that there is no place to put more yarn. And now I have stopped buying yarn (if you are reading on bloglines, please click over to the actual blog and admire my ticker), it is time to winnow the pile.

I just started yesterday.

In an effort to see what works and what doesn't, I have some things on eBay at Tan's Yarn Sale.

Different ones are listed on Etsy.com (as supplies, since I didn't make this stuff) also called Tan's Yarn Sale.

I plan to put up more stuff as I have time. There will be some items by a certain Scottish lady whose name I dare not publish online, mostly Scottish Campion and a little Scottish Heather. Anyone in the Salt Lake area who wants to come over tomorrow (Wednesday Aug 5th) and have a look at these, I will knock off $1 since you are saving me all the photoing and data entry it will take to list these on Ravelry. I think the Scottish Campion will be $5.00 online and the Scottish Heather will be $7.50 online. I do not have sweater quantities of the Scottish Heather.

Let me know if you have any suggestions for either shop. I am way new to this!

Today I am trying free shipping on a couple of items.

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