Samstag, August 22, 2009

I figure out double knitting

Summer is over. School starts on Monday. Time to finish up the summer knitting.


Cheesehead (pattern not yet released) by Julia Mueller.
Wollmeise Buxkranzl and Hollerstaud'n

This is my first successful double knitting project. I really wanted to make a video of how it works because I was so excited. But I just couldn't stop knitting to make it. It was kind of addictive. I will let you know when the pattern is released. The instructions for the double knitting are in the pattern.

I forgot to show you the cute scalloped edge. I did a knit 1 row purple, purl 1 row purple, then knit 1 row green before ribbing in green for the alternate side of the cuff.

Scalloped edge


Cesare had his dental surgery on Wednesay. Four teeth had to be pulled. He seems to have recovered completely, though--I saw him eating hard cat food last night. The vet had suggested soft food for three days, and but I guess Che had his own schedule.

The big yarn sale netted enough to pay for Che's procedure with some over for tuition. It is on hold now. It is so time-consuming to photograph the yarns, and eBay is kind of expensive.

I am a little nervous about the upcoming semester. I have always been really excited about school starting, but after having had two semesters where I could not finish the classes and just dropped out, the old excitement isn't there.

School was always the thing that I was good at. Suddenly it doesn't feel that way. We will see if the new exercise program (step aerobics and light weights) and the light box--treatments for Seasonal Affective Disorder--make a difference.


Lynn hat gesagt…

Now you can be like Anna Whatchamacallit-ski in "War and Peace" and pull one completed sock from inside the other one. Or maybe it was a mitten. Anyway, Firstborn's hubby says he won't be impressed with my knitting until I can do *that*. :)

Tola hat gesagt…

lynn, our lys had a class on that this summer. i didnt take it, but the ones who did were very excited about it.

tan, that hat is beautiful. i commend you for tackling such a project!

btw, have you listed your de-stash on Ravelry? ive bought several skeins from Ravellers. those looking for a specific yarn will scroll through every single listing. im glad you were able to pay for the dog's dental work with your proceeds so far. things will get better.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

That hat is cool. And I'm glad Che came thru fine (figured he would, and yes, these Siamese have such a thing with tooth issues).

I had times like that, too, in school. We just do the best we can. Your plan of action sounds like it will help!

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