Donnerstag, August 06, 2009

I crash my blog

Yesterday I spent all day uploading Scottish Campion to eBay and my Ravelry sell or trade pages. Then I tried to make a collage of the yarns I was selling. I tried the Dundoo site. When I put the collage on the post, it put the Dundoo logo all over everything. The whole layout was ruined.

So my advice is, don't use Dundoo. I am open for suggestions on a collage site that works.

While I was trying to fix my blog, I happened to check my email. Someone had already bought all the Scottish Campion. This is good. As soon as her payment clears (when the tracking number shows that it has been delivered), I will have enough money to pay for Che's dental work.

Yes, cat dental work. Who knew that cats have so many tooth problems? Fortunately we found a vet who has extra training in dentistry.

I should just get a job as a veterinary assistant. I am a slave to our pets. My routine:

Twice a day:
  • Change litter box
  • Give Che antibiotics for severe gingivitis
  • Rub solution on Che's gums for same (yes, in there with all those teeth)
  • Check or clean Trusty's ears
  • Give Trusty antibiotic for infected place on hock
  • Clean Trusty's neck and put on either cortisone or an antibiotic cream
  • Clean out and refill everyone's water bowls
  • Feed Trusty and check the cat's food

  • This is in addition to feeding and walking etc.

    Oh well. That's why we have pets, to teach us a sense of responsibility.

    In the meantime, I am not buying yarn. I am looking at it, though. Walking on the edge. The slippery slope.

    These are some of the winners from the Dye for Glory contest that was held on Ravelry.

    Georgia Peach by Three Irish Girls

    Father Time by Three Irish Girls

    Twilight from Becoming Art

    Gypsy Love
    Gypsy Love from Becoming Art

    Estuary by Three Irish Girls

    Wizard Wheezes
    Weasley's Wizard Wheezes from Green Eyed Monsters

    This one is not a prize winner, but I love it! I wonder why I love Halloween so much? Maybe I could dye this colorway for myself. It would be a lot easier to get than the Georgia Peach.

    The Pumpkin King from Zen String

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