Samstag, Juli 11, 2009

I crochet all day

I am not very fond of crocheting. Naturally, that being said, I am not good at it. I finished this little top for Emi and it had to have a little crochet on it. I think, I'll get this done in a couple of ours.



The first question that arises is, what do they mean by double crochet? I opted for the one where you wrap the yarn around the hook one time before working the stitch. It looked fine on the first go round, but maybe a little large on the next two rows?


By the time I got to the shell-stitch row on the neck, I thought I better call my sister, Robin, to find out for sure what a treble crochet in American-speak is. Two wraps around the needle, then work the stitch. But what is it in British?

I went with American, and I think it looks fine.


Seven hours later I had a finished project.



I was working from a photocopy. If I had taken time to find the book, I could have just looked at the cover photo and seen what was going on.

But if I had taken time to find the book, I wouldn't have done the crochet.

I'm not very fond of crocheting.

P.S. I didn't have the right size hook, either. I guess I need to buy something in between teensy beading and size G for afGhan.

Not that I would crochet an afghan, either.


Tola hat gesagt…

it's beautiful; you did just fine!

Phlel hat gesagt…

Tan, it is a very darling little sweater and looks just wonderful. The crochet part looks fine too, even if you didn't like doing it. Hmmmmmmm, I could make this for either Lily or Gigi if the pattern comes in the right size. Really cute.

Lynn hat gesagt…

Giving my own thumbs-up to the project, and my commiseration for something that "ought to" have taken far less time than it did.

You don't want to know how long it took me to weave in all the ends on the sleeves for "Autumn Asters", notwithstanding all the ends I knitted in as I went.

I have been patiently adding red crochet hooks to my stash as I find them. Only a couple more and I will have them from A to Z [OK, from B to P if you want to get technical on me]. And I have a decent selection of super-skinny steel needles for threading beads onto laceweight...

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Just lovely! I know nothing much about crochet - have not been able to do it as it bothers my right hand, but I learned several years ago...enough to know I have to have a book with me every minute!
You did great!!!

Kate hat gesagt…

Oh how delightful this is and your model is a little darling,,,,


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