Mittwoch, Juli 29, 2009

Harder Than It Looks

Spoiler alert for Co-op Club and Embrace the Lace! continue at your own risk!

Nobody has said anything about my new ticker. I waited until I had gone without buying yarn for a month before putting it up. This is mainly because that was the point at which I got tired of looking in my emails to see when I bought this skein of yarn from Handu.

Handu 100% merino in Sunrise Avenue
Purchased to knit Yarnissima's Kiila pattern

That was the last yarn I shopped for and bought. This was harder than it looks: the website is in Finnish. I was able to figure out what I wanted and get all the way to checkout (Finnish must have some loan words), but Ilu's website doesn't provide for shipping to the US. I gave up trying to find a link to email Ilu to place an order and made Cherry do it for me. Who knew it would come in handy to have a polyglot in the family?

This does not mean that yarn is not still coming. As you no doubt already know, I subscribed to way too many clubs. And some of these are subscriptions that automatically come out of my PayPal or are invoiced. So technically, I am still buying yarn. But I am not counting those, because I am not shopping for and buying yarn. I am just filling commitments I already made.

But temptation is everywhere. Someone on Ravelry posted a message asking if Dahlia in Gaia Lace is the same colorway as Calliope in Eidos. And I says to my self, I says, "If it is I will buy it." And I looks, and I'm sure it is, and there is one left.

And then I remembered I am not buying yarn. WAAAAAAAAH!

It is harder than it looks.

The club offerings are letting me taper off gently. Here are the most recent ones I've received:

gryphon co-op yarn
Sanguine Gryphon's Little Traveller in "Kahuku Point" (not yet available outside the Unique Sheep's Co-op Club)

Faith from Embrace the Lace
"Faith" from Embrace the Lace, a Wool Girl club

This kit has Miss Babs lace yarn in a sand color, a shawl pattern from Goddess Knits, a yummy orange-ginger lip balm, a row counter bracelet from Crimson Orchid (maybe this time I will learn how to use one), salt water taffy and sea shells, a note card, a Namaste Catalina Pouch, and a cat.

What, you didn't get a cat in yours?

ETA: When putting everything away I found a stitch marker from See Jayne Knit, two pouches of lemonade mix, a curly paper clip, and a Soak sample.



Tola hat gesagt…

well i was wondering about the ticker, but i just figured you were bored with yarn shopping lately!

Terri hat gesagt…

A whole month with buying yarn. I am impressed. You should be pleased as punch with yourself.

P.S. I already began the Embrace The Lace shawl. I am aiming to finish by the end of August.

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