Mittwoch, Juli 29, 2009

Harder Than It Looks

Spoiler alert for Co-op Club and Embrace the Lace! continue at your own risk!

Nobody has said anything about my new ticker. I waited until I had gone without buying yarn for a month before putting it up. This is mainly because that was the point at which I got tired of looking in my emails to see when I bought this skein of yarn from Handu.

Handu 100% merino in Sunrise Avenue
Purchased to knit Yarnissima's Kiila pattern

That was the last yarn I shopped for and bought. This was harder than it looks: the website is in Finnish. I was able to figure out what I wanted and get all the way to checkout (Finnish must have some loan words), but Ilu's website doesn't provide for shipping to the US. I gave up trying to find a link to email Ilu to place an order and made Cherry do it for me. Who knew it would come in handy to have a polyglot in the family?

This does not mean that yarn is not still coming. As you no doubt already know, I subscribed to way too many clubs. And some of these are subscriptions that automatically come out of my PayPal or are invoiced. So technically, I am still buying yarn. But I am not counting those, because I am not shopping for and buying yarn. I am just filling commitments I already made.

But temptation is everywhere. Someone on Ravelry posted a message asking if Dahlia in Gaia Lace is the same colorway as Calliope in Eidos. And I says to my self, I says, "If it is I will buy it." And I looks, and I'm sure it is, and there is one left.

And then I remembered I am not buying yarn. WAAAAAAAAH!

It is harder than it looks.

The club offerings are letting me taper off gently. Here are the most recent ones I've received:

gryphon co-op yarn
Sanguine Gryphon's Little Traveller in "Kahuku Point" (not yet available outside the Unique Sheep's Co-op Club)

Faith from Embrace the Lace
"Faith" from Embrace the Lace, a Wool Girl club

This kit has Miss Babs lace yarn in a sand color, a shawl pattern from Goddess Knits, a yummy orange-ginger lip balm, a row counter bracelet from Crimson Orchid (maybe this time I will learn how to use one), salt water taffy and sea shells, a note card, a Namaste Catalina Pouch, and a cat.

What, you didn't get a cat in yours?

ETA: When putting everything away I found a stitch marker from See Jayne Knit, two pouches of lemonade mix, a curly paper clip, and a Soak sample.


Montag, Juli 27, 2009

Never Blog Anything that has 231,665 Hits

Eh, so what, rules are made for breaking.

  • The big news:

  • Laurel had her baby on Wednesday. He weighed 8 lbs. 14 oz. and was just over 20 inches long. No pictures on the Internet, in the interest of child safety.

    Turbo and I knitted a hat for him.

    Turbo prefers British wools

    Is this a cat bed I see before me?

    Capillifolium Baby Bonnet
    Capillifolium Baby Bonnet from Piecework Magazine, knitted in Hebridean 2-ply from Virtual Yarns.

    The hat is itchy. I guess I will put a little hat band in it and line the earflaps.

  • This just in:

  • My brother broke his leg camping at Yellowstone park this morning, badly enough to require surgery. His wife called our brother-in-law, Dan, who is an ER doc to ask if he should have the surgery in nearby Rexburg, or go back home to Las Vegas. Dan said that if they went back to Las Vegas, the leg would look like a python that ate a pig by the time they got there.

    The illustration from The Little Prince comes to mind. Of course, that was neither a python nor a pig.

  • Drumroll:

  • Ruth Ann has finished chemotherapy! Hurray! She can grow hair again!

    Montag, Juli 20, 2009

    The Shielded Ice Warrior Meets the Sock of Doom

    Unaware that his doom approaches, the Ice Warrior chills out while his Cat-Guard takes a nap.

    Shielded Warrior Meets Sock of Doom

    He turns to face the threat.


    How can this scenario end? Who is stronger, the sock or the Lego Empire? Can you even ask?

    Rogue Roses

    Yes, the Sock of Doom and it's mate have been defeated. (Also de-feeted.) They are mounted and put on display. All Bionicles rejoice!

    Shielded Ice Warrior and sock-down scenario designed by A; sock designed by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (Rogue Roses); yarn designed by Tina Newton (BMFA Socks That Rock colorway Gertrude Skein).

    P.S. Look at the cute rosebuds:

    Rogue Roses detail

    Samstag, Juli 11, 2009

    I crochet all day

    I am not very fond of crocheting. Naturally, that being said, I am not good at it. I finished this little top for Emi and it had to have a little crochet on it. I think, I'll get this done in a couple of ours.



    The first question that arises is, what do they mean by double crochet? I opted for the one where you wrap the yarn around the hook one time before working the stitch. It looked fine on the first go round, but maybe a little large on the next two rows?


    By the time I got to the shell-stitch row on the neck, I thought I better call my sister, Robin, to find out for sure what a treble crochet in American-speak is. Two wraps around the needle, then work the stitch. But what is it in British?

    I went with American, and I think it looks fine.


    Seven hours later I had a finished project.



    I was working from a photocopy. If I had taken time to find the book, I could have just looked at the cover photo and seen what was going on.

    But if I had taken time to find the book, I wouldn't have done the crochet.

    I'm not very fond of crocheting.

    P.S. I didn't have the right size hook, either. I guess I need to buy something in between teensy beading and size G for afGhan.

    Not that I would crochet an afghan, either.
    No tickers