Montag, Juni 01, 2009

Wool Girl Wins

OK, for most cool stuff in a single club offering, the Oscar goes to:


If you haven't received your Embrace the Lace offering for May/June yet, please do not scroll down. There are spoiler pictures coming up.

In the meantime, I will show you the finished M2 sweater:

Hannah from the Nashua Sprout book,
knitted in Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece,
colorway 520, Caribbean Sea

I had to go up several needle sizes, so the fabric is a little floppier than I like; but then, it is a summer sweater. Should be fine. The bobbles were a teense hard to block. I ended up rolling them in my fingers like balls of clay.

Next I will tell you that I passed my audition to switch the private lesson component of my music degree program at UUtah from piano to organ (will start in fall). For those who assume that a woman my age must already know how to do something, I will clarify that I am taking the lessons, not teaching them. I have had a varied career path that included Earth Mother, when I made everything my family wore including a tailored suit for Paul but excluding shoes; computer programmer; freelance journalist specializing in computer topics; secretary; yarn shop clerk; piano teacher for beginning students. It did not include a lot of practicing any one instrument.

And I can throw in a couple of beauty shots that Che insisted on while I was trying to take the upcoming spoiler photos.

Che looks cool

Che gives Jet a dirty look

OK, I am assuming that anyone who didn't want to be spoiled has gone away. This is the second kit from the Embrace the Lace series.

Embrace the Lace Kit

Wool Girl Kit

The yarn did not photograph to good effect; I suppose I should take it outside and give it another go. It is 100% cashmere, dyed in a soft aqua semi-solid by Mama Llama. The pattern, an asymmetrical scarf with beaded edging, is by Sivia Harding. The extras include a tape measure, gift boxes, red hots in a reusable container, note cards and gift tag, a color coordinated highlighter/pen combo, a heart-shaped stitch marker, and a very cute project bag with grommets strategically placed to put the needle tips through so the lace doesn't get scrambled in the bag.

Isn't this a great package? And I am expecting my first Wizard of Oz kit from Wool Girl this week. But I am asking myself, why, really, did I sign up for these two clubs? I knew that there would be designers I like in the lace club, and who doesn't like Wizard of Oz. Besides, Amber loves Wizard of Oz, too, and I can knit some things for her.

But the main reason I wanted to join Wool Girl clubs is because the kits are so full of little goodies. And yes, I pay extra for those. So in effect, I am buying myself presents, only they are a surprise each time because someone else picks out the stuff.

It's really kind of pathetic, isn't it?

Hey, pathetic, schmathetic. I think I'll go wind that skein of cashmere. I deserve a little cashmere in my life.


Stilaholic Nartian knits hat gesagt…

I love this kit and the first one w/the green Malabrigo lace. Woolgirl always does such an awesome job.

KnitNana hat gesagt…

Love your Pre-spoiler shots of Che...he's a beauty!

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