Montag, Juni 29, 2009

Trusty Takes Care of the Mail




Sometimes a picture says it all.

Gryphon had some left so I ordered another one. It is Eidos in Apophenai.

Remember when I was all excited about the Russian join? In the Orenburg class, Galina said to tie a knot in the lace yarns when joining a new ball, and then knit the tails into the lace. I, of course, wanted to know, "What about the Russian join?" She said, "I wish I hadn't told anyone about this. It got all over the Internet. It is not good for lace."

However, it did work fine for my project, which is in a fine sock weight rather than laceweight. There is nothing to see yet. I have about ten rows of edging left. Then you can see it.

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so did he chew it up into pieces, or just hopelessly tangle it?

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