Donnerstag, Juni 04, 2009

Over the Rainbow (Oz Club Spoiler Warning)

Today while I was at the post office, I was approached by a very punky looking kid. He had multiple piercings, including chains hanging out of both nostrils. He showed me stickers on the bottom of his skateboard and asked if I knew where he could find them. It turned out they were Priority mailing labels. I showed them where they were, and he grabbed a handful.

The surprising thing was that he then asked if they cost money. Apparently he was only willing to take a handful of postal supplies if they were free. He didn't want to steal them.

When I see someone that looks really punk, I automatically assume that they don't believe in rules at all. Obviously appearances can be deceiving.

It makes me happy that I was wrong about the punky-looking kid. I hope that I am wrong about a whole lot of my negative assumptions. Could the world be a better place than I think? Is it all due to the Oz "Over the Rainbow" sock kit?

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