Mittwoch, Juni 17, 2009

I pack for Black Sheep Gathering

I have been on so many trips lately that I didn't even freak out about packing.

For one thing, I now have a master packing list on my PDA. It includes hiking boots. Yes. I learned an important lesson from the blisters I developed in New Orleans. Sandals just don't cut it for all-day activities.


I have a list of vendors. I have a map of the site. I am taking Karl-Heinz, but I hope Sue brings her navi, too, since she doesn't speak German and Karl-Heinz doesn't speak English.


Some knitting is packed.

The main project is Desdemona, who went on all the April and May trips.

Mimknits Desdemona Shawl from Shakespeare in Lace 2009, knitted in Sanguine Gryphon Little Traveller in Kyoto.

In order to take Desdemona, I needed to create my first ever Russian join, since I had knitted up the first skein on the way back from Maryland.

Russian Join

Much more sanitary than the spit join, don't you think? And you can use this one on non-felting yarns such as silk.

Performing backups are Rogue Roses

Rogue Roses
Gertrude Skein Socks that Rock with Rogue Roses pattern;
available next year from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.

and Rosi, but there is nothing new to see about Rosi.

Say, I think I forgot to put my hair iron and non-frizz goop on the packing list. See y'all later :)

Edited to fix link to Russian join and to commiserate with Rosi, who is getting left home after all. My carry-on is just too full.


KnitNana hat gesagt…

Have a wonderful time!!

Terri hat gesagt…

Thank you for the Russian Join link. I am TOTALLY going to give that a try.

Have a great trip!

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