Sonntag, Juni 14, 2009

I get organized for fall

I have been organizing my spaces again--the bedroom first, with the wool room and office to come. I am a really disorganized person. It is a constant battle. I want to take classes again this fall, plus start organ lessons for credit. I have to consolidate my position now or fall will be a mess.

But hey, organizing is not interesting to look at. So instead, we will look at yarn.

I got this one in a trade. For some reason I had four teal Buggas with slight variations. Now I have two, plus this Tachina Fly and a Wollmeise Letzte Versuch that hasn't come yet. I hope that Wollmeise isn't my first bad trade. Will Das Letzte Versuch come at all? Eventually?

Tachina fly bugga
Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! in Tachina Fly

I got this one the normal way. Check out Gryphon's new, improved website and read the poetry that goes with each Sappho yarn.

Sappho II in Beyond Their Reach
Sanguine Gryphon Sappho II (sport weight) in Beyond Their Reach

I also got three Wollmeises last week, two from a friend who bought extra and sold some to me, and one in a trade (I had two similar greens).

Three Wollmeisen
From top: Skandal um Rosi (named after a song); Limone; Vroni

After arriving on Thursday from Germany, Rosi quickly surged to the head of the pack.

Skandal Strange

Skandal Knäuel

Skandal um Rosi goes to Margaritaville
Rosi again

Wollmeise Skandal um Rosi in Adrienne Fong's Margaritaville pattern

Some skeins of Skandal have more pink in them. For comparison, take a look at Dani's Skandal um Rosi* and her finished socks.

*You will need to scroll down to find the skein. But it is totally worth it to see all the piccies. This is the Wollmeise booth at a recent market in Germany. Marjan/Yarnissima is running the booth (shown in pink shirt and ponytail).

I think that might be my favorite blog post of all time.

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KnitNana hat gesagt…

Lovely yarn!!!
And yes, getting organized is my constant companion...but hey, recycling is helping - I'm looking at every ONE thing I bring in and saying "can I get rid of TWO?"

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