Freitag, Juni 26, 2009

Black Sheep Gathering: The Loot

There are certain things you have to buy at a wool show. You have to buy a skein of yarn or two.

Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock in Beached (closest to Turbo)
and Crabby McCrabbypants

Or four.

milk yarn
From Creatively Dyed Yarns,
the top yarn has milk as an ingredient!

BMFA Silk Thread and roving in Sunkissed Sands

Or maybe more than that, if the grandkids want handknitted socks.*

Bambino wool and bamboo sock yarn from Chameleon Colorworks

From Capistrano Fiber Arts Studio

Or you see something you just can't resist.

Turbo meets Janis's yarn

You have to buy some spinning fiber and a spindle on which to spin it, right? OK, I know, it looked prettier rolled up, before I messed with it.

silk and cashmere, dyed
Of course I ended up getting a Greensleeves spindle I could have bought here in Utah. The fiber is a silk and cashmere blend but I forget which booth had it.

And then you take a class and you have to get something to practice on.

Materials from Orenburg spinning class
Galina provided materials for our class, but you can get a luxury fiber sampler (top of photo) from Herndon Creek Farm.

Autographed spindle

This can get dangerous.

In the bags: Pygora from Peppermint Pastures Pygora goats;
cashmere (left) and camel top from Herndon Creek Farm.

Note: It's not all for me. I had to get something
for my daughter who speaks Russian and spins and would
like to take Galina's class if she had a chance.

Even going out to the car is dangerous, when you run across the felted items from Kurghistan.

Felted shoes from Kurgyztan

This booth was in Salt Lake last year at the Great Basin Fiber Festival, but I didn't get anything then.

Galina recommended the Kurghi booth to us in class. She said that the prices were very good, and she had called Russia to check. She told us that the Kurghistanis are great experts on felt: "Felted hats! Felted boots! Felted houses! You know, yurt!" Pronounced "yoooert." It is much better with the Russian accent.

Tomorrow: Eugene

*Some skeins got away because I dropped them off at Laurel's before getting home. I should have taken photos in the hotel room.

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