Samstag, Juni 27, 2009

Black Sheep Gathering: Eugene

Sue went nuts over Eugene. OK, we both liked it, but Sue wants to move there. Why?

Tie Dye. (And coffee.)


The Saturday Farmer's Market in Eugene has been going on since 1970, and some things never change.

I was really interested in this musical instrument, a home-made kora, also heard accompanying the dancer. The ancestor of the banjo, the kora is a harp-like instrument that comes from Mali in Africa.

If you go to Eugene, there are lots of good places to eat around the university. Just drive down Willamette or Agate to find Prince Pückler's ice cream, the Agate Bistro, Beppe and Gianni's Trattoria, the Midtown Cafe, and Newman's Fish Company.

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Joanne hat gesagt…

Wow, that guy is great. Their market is so huge, I'm jealous!

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