Freitag, Mai 01, 2009

We go uptown

On Saturday Cherry and I took the street car uptown.


We should have bought an RTA pass at the hotel; as it was, it cost $1.25 every time we hopped off and back on again. We couldn't make as many stops as we wanted to because we were soon out of exact change.

When I went to Tulane University in the late '80's it was only sixty-five cents to hop on the car to go to class.


We went to the Camellia Grill for lunch. Oh, right, I forgot to mention that yesterday.

camelia grill

We had Harry's Yankee Special, my favorite from back when. There is still a line (we waited an hour for lunch), but they manage it well.

We wanted snowballs from Plum Street, but it was closed for Jazz Fest. Instead we enjoyed the neighborhood. The corner of Plum Street and Carollton is lined with these banana-like trees.

strange banana

Also on Plum Street:

cute house

strange iris

mardi bike

The evening was less enjoyable. We spent most of it in the valet parking area of our hotel.


Valet parking at our hotel lost the keys to our rental car. After a thorough search of all the keys, it became clear that they were really gone. The car had not been stolen, but we could not use it. The rental agency was willing to rent us another car, but wanted a $250 lost key fine--realistic, since they were going to have to have the car towed, and new keys can cost well over $100.

Paul should get a prize for calmly insisting that the parking company (not part of the hotel) take care of this honorably. Central Parking's manager first suggested that they have Papa Lock come and make new keys for the car. We rejected this, knowing that the rental company would not accept. And Papa Lock said that they could not make the computerized keys this late model car required.

Then the manager wanted us to take the $250 fine on our credit card, with the idea that they would repay us when their insurance paid them. Obviously this pig-in-a-poke scheme was not acceptable to us. We didn't lose the keys! They did!

Eventually I was able to get Central Parking to talk directly to Budget Rental, and in the end, after 3 hours of discussion and stonewalling, someone from Central Parking arrived with $250 cash and took us to the airport to pay the fine and get us into a different car.

Where were the keys? Did someone take them home by mistake and run them through the wash? Were they taken by a disgruntled employee who had been fired for his sloppy handling of customers' keys? We don't know, but we felt very lucky that we made it to the Texas Barbecue Company in Metairie before it closed--and before any of us passed out from hunger.

Tomorrow: We go to church

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margene hat gesagt…

Oh my goodness, it's amazing when companies will not take responsibility for their errors! What a waste of your time, but at least you stuck it out. Hope you had some knitting with you!

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