Samstag, Mai 02, 2009

We go to church

Cherry is Catholic, and wanted to attend Mass at St. Louis Cathedral.


cathedral 1


cathedral organ


The organist was not as showy as those we heard play before Mass in Vienna and Salzburg, but played some good, solid fugues before and after mass, and did a nice improv during the second collection, which was for upkeep of the Cathedral.

St. Louis Cathedral is the oldest cathedral in the United States, and the oldest building in the southern USA.


Mass at St. Louis is not what I remember from my catechism days, when I trailed along to the Catholic church with the cutest boy in class (who grew up to be a priest). Then it was in Latin. Now it's in English; you have to listen hard to catch what was once kyrie eleison or the Gloria. St. Louis has no choir, or if it has, they were all at the Jazz Festival; instead a soprano (good) acted as both chanter and choir. The altar boys were middle aged women. Not to knock St. Louis, but here in Salt Lake at the Cathedral of the Madaleine we have classical music and a children's choir at Mass.

Not that I go.

Next week: The Maryland Sheep and Wool Show, and Sanguine Gryphon's dyeing camp.

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