Freitag, Mai 08, 2009

To Market, to Market!



We made a point of catching up with Tola,
a Utah friend who married and moved to the east coast.
From left, Tola, me, Cherry

I spent the most time in the Golding booth.

This is the one that got away.
At $350, it was a little beyond my budget.


Blue Moon at The Fold
The Blue Moon was quite picked over when I got there.
There will be more of it at Black Sheep next month.

Maggie's Music and Rover Dance are one of my favorite things at MDSW. I was too late to get a good video, but you can at least see the clogging dogs.

Tomorrow: The loot.

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margene hat gesagt…

It looks like a fabulous time. Did you find a Golding you could afford? I love mine (two).

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