Freitag, Mai 08, 2009

The Haul

I didn't buy much at Sheep and Wool due to luggage and financial constraints--I already had this . . .

Bugga! From left:
Blue Metalmark, Hognosed Bonking Beetle, Goldenrod Crab Spider,
Smaller Yellow Ant, Polka Dot Wasp Moth

. . . sitting in my suitcase in the hotel room back in Easton. Most of what I saw didn't look as good, besides which Gryphon wasn't giving the stuff away.

However, Anna of Mystic Lace fame mentioned that she had heard about a large ball winder that would make it possible to wind a large lace skein without having to wind the last 500 yards by hand. I also knew that some of the new Blue Moon colors would be available at The Fold, so I went with those two shopping goals in mind.

Tola and Mike helped us pin down the ballwinder. Since I was shopping with Cherry, there was strong opposition to purchasing it without checking prices online. I won the round, and so far it seems to be about the same everywhere.

Strauch Jumbo Ball Winder

I was not planning on buying a spindle, but it is difficult not to be sucked in by Tom Golding's art. Cherry, bargain hunter of the world, trained by her father, a world-class expert in same, was horrified at the prices of these purportedly utilitarian little items. You saw the $350 Russian lacquer model in the previous post, right?

However, there was a smaller version without a certificate of authenticity that was more reasonably priced. The artwork was still fine, as you can see if you click through into Flickr to look at the photo in its original size.

Ew, isn't that a little sick to see the lacquer damaged
for the hook to be installed on the spindle?

It's in my sock drawer right now. Not sure where to keep it, objet d'art that it is.

I did find some of Blue Moon's new ocean-inspired colorways at The Fold.

From left: Sam n' Ella, Guppy, Sunkissed Sand

I will have to look for Crabby McCrabbypants at Black Sheep Gathering. Hmmm. I wonder if Tina will let me be an honorary Sockateer while my friend Sue attends a weaving workshop?

I also got a sheep to shoe kit. You know, to keep the little spindle company?

I think this is Jubilation, but don't quote me on that

At this point I was ready to call it quits, but Anna talked me into checking out Tess Designer Yarns on the way out.

Grey merino and angora blend, red merino laceweight

There was only one skein of the red laceweight left, but Anna says she is going to design some smaller lace items.

And that's it. It all fit into a little 22" carryon bag, and that included the ballwinder in its box. The yarn was stuffed into and around said box.

So, I did good, huh?


Tola hat gesagt…

im so un-schooled in what is the new desirable in STR. I saw Guppy and thought it was very un-pretty, but i did admire some others. im still enamoured with the Raven series, but right now i am focusing on collecting all the Yarn Pirate Booty Club colours that ive missed out on. it was so good to see you Es was so sehr gut sie zum sehen!

Anonym hat gesagt…

Your idea of "much" and mine are so different. As always, your choices are superb!

Terri hat gesagt…

I did not mean to post as Anonym. Its me.

margene hat gesagt…

The spindle is gorgeous. You'll love using it and your haul is very restrained after such a good job of buying Bugga!

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