Dienstag, April 21, 2009

Fairy Tale Club spoiler in this post

I wonder how much stuff I have to put up front so that a spoiler picture won't be the first thing people see.

It's possible that spring is really here now.




Two days until we go to New Orleans. We have a food list: a good muffaletta. A good roast beef po-boy. A snoball from Plum Street Snoball Stand.

Plum Street Snoballs

We decided not to go to the Jazz Festival while we're there. Very expensive when one of us is not interested. Plus, I would feel bad to hear Joe Cocker when Paul is still in his meeting. Cherry is more interested in visiting her old haunts.

OK, what do you think? Is it OK to show you my Fairy Tale Sock kit?

Fairy Tale Club Spoiler

On the left, the yarns for the sock. It is intarsia in the round. Some doodads. I think the little box is part of my prize for guessing the Fairy Tale. Actually Cherry guessed it, after much more googling than I had patience for. I am waiting to hear if she wants the box or the yarn, which is the red Gaia cashmere/silk lace in the middle. The purple yarn on the right is Little Traveller in Bergen. It is a very good purple. I ordered it just in time to have it come in the club box, making it a very scrumptious package, all told.

Updates to Sanguine Gryphon's website may make those links not work; plus the yarns are sold out.

The fairy tale this time is a Punjabi story called Bopluchi. You can read the story here, but it is kind of bloody. Just warning you, don't read it during lunch.

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