Mittwoch, April 29, 2009

We visit our old neighborhood

Welcome to Metairie (MET-uh-ree), the little farm, the New Orleans suburb just west of the city.

magnolia flower

I think it is really weird to be on vacation and still feel at home. Living someplace for ten years establishes it pretty permanently in your psyche.

Thing have changed, though.

Our old house used to be French Provincial with bricks and stucco.

old house

Now it is boring.

The Lake Ponchartrain levy is much higher.


The shore is less accessible.


New Orleans itself has changed some, too.

Casinos have opened.


Charity Hospital has closed.

charity hospital
Paul and Cherry said my picture of Charity Hospital, taken in the dark from a moving vehicle, would not turn out. I think it turned out pretty danged interesting

On the other hand, some things never change.



green lady

Tomorrow: We hit the French Quarter.

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margene hat gesagt…

I had no idea you lived in NO. It's an amazing city (from this tourists point of view). Can't wait to hear more of your trip.

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