Dienstag, März 31, 2009

Sock Innovation: Have a Cookie!

Did you get this book yet?

Sock Innovation by Cookie A.

OK, turn to page 74. There is a small picture of a variegated-yarn version of Cookie's Devon pattern.

I knitted that!

Do I have proof? Not much. I dug through all my pictures, and apparently I did not take any finished photos. That figures.

I have a few shots that Cookie needed to make sure the design was coming out the right size and looked OK in the yarn.


Claudia Handpaints in "John"

Cookie A's designs are generally much too sculptural to work in variegated yarn. Her explanation to me was that the publisher wanted at least one multi-colored sock. The design worked so well in the yarn that I thought she had designed it especially for variegated yarns. Nope. The lead picture for Devon is a solid. Just goes to show.

I did a better job of documenting my most recent test-knit. When I'm OK'd to post pictures, there will be pictures.

In the meantime, I think I may go on a huge Cookie binge. I want to knit every sock in the book--including the pair I've already knitted once.

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"Monkey" is another exception to the sculptural/variegated rule.

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