Sonntag, März 15, 2009

Just Add Water

Can you take freeze-drying too far?

I don't know. Look at what I got in the mail:

Blue Suzanne

OK, I admit, it's not freeze dried, just vacuum-packed. Two of my net friends, Cheri and Debby, went in together on a skein of Blue Suzanne Wollmeise, which I've been wanting for quite a while.

Cheri couldn't fit it in a letter-sized envelope to mail from Canada without a little help from her food saver.

Proof that you can squish yarn without harming it:

Blue Suzanne

I finished my test-knit, the Blue Suzanne laceweight I showed you last month, but don't have permission from the designer to blog it yet.

You realize that Debby and Cheri probably just saved me from trying to knit a pair of socks in laceweight, don't you?

Turbo says hi:



Lynn hat gesagt…

Miao? so why is Ms. Suzanne blue? [Now I have that song stuck in my head (I'm blue, dabba dee dabba doo, If I was green, I would die...)]

KnitNana hat gesagt…

What scrumptious yarn! And Turbo is such a pretty feline baby!

smariek hat gesagt…

Pretty yarn, pretty colors. Clever way to mail yarn.

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