Mittwoch, März 25, 2009

It is Still Snowing.

My plan for today was to put my spring knitting projects into bags.

  • Step 1: Print out chemo hat patterns.

  • Shedir

    Lisa's and Katy's Berets

    Bloody Stupid Johnson

    After all, they are all Terry Pratchett fans down there

    My sister will need chemo hats soon. Especially if it keeps snowing.

    I bought Rowan Calmer for the hats; it's supposed to be especially comfortable for senstive, newly-bared scalps.

    But problems arise. The router than runs our home wireless network died. The new router will not speak to the printer. I am stubborn. I refuse to go find a really long USB cable to connect the computer with the patterns to the printer.

    3 1/2 hours later I have learned two things.

    On the PC you use the disk that came with the printer.

    On the Macintosh you don't.

    Sometimes you feel like a disk; sometimes you don't

    No, I actually learned three things.

    It is a good idea to call tech support for help. Thank you, MacDocs.

  • Step 2: Find bags.

  • Top left: The Knitmare Boxbag from Emoknitter; Top right: The Sheep Cube from Schrodinger; Bottom: 3 AM KIP Basic from The Loopy Ewe

    I have all these cute little bags. One of them will be fine for the chickens, and hats can go in the others. But I have two sweaters. Where have all the sweater sized bags gone?

    Hint: they probably have socks in them . . . think about it . . . right! You could swap the projects out . . . no way! Yes, way . . .

  • Tomorrow: Swatching!

  • Just last week it was spring


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