Freitag, Februar 06, 2009


I'm not really obsessed with Wollmeise, am I? I don't really sit up at night organizing my wish list, and checking to see if there's any in stock?

My on-line friend, Debby from Alabama, and I started team-shopping a couple of months ago. Wollmeise updates are hard to catch, and the yarn goes fast. I snagged a bright orange for her, plus some reds for myself. She captured some for me.

This is my combined haul:

(from left)
Indisch Rot, Single Malt, Dornröschen,
Kürbis, Rotkäppchen

This is definitely the collector's instinct at work. When will I manage to get through all those yards, miles, parsecs of yarn?

Right now I am doing a test-knitting project for a German knitter using Wollmeise lace. I should have put something in the photo for scale so you could see how huge this yarn cake really is.

Wollmeise lace Blue Suzanne
Blue Suzanne laceweight

It was actually too big for my ball winder. I had to wind the last few yards by hand. I will have a ton left when the stole is finished. I wonder if I want to knit socks on size 000 needles to use it up?

I don't think that will be my next Wollmeise project, though. Right now I am obsessed with this yarn combination:

Wollmeise Gewitterhimmel and Saami
Top: Gewitterhimmel; Bottom: Saami

I am trying to decide what colorwork pattern to use these in together. I know the Saami's blue will be eaten up by the Gewitterhimmel unless it happens to line up with the very darkest blue every time, but I still think it will be interesting. Saami looks a little garish knitted by itself, but I think the colors are beautiful. I want to set it like tiny gems in the dark blue background.

At least my yarn obsession is less expensive than the harp obsession was. Remember the shattered harp photos from last month? The repair and shipping quote on it was $2850, or $4900 to replace the harp. Miraculously, the insurance company is actually going to cover the cost of the repair.

I wonder if I should list my Wollmeise collection with the insurance company. Just in case.


KnitNana hat gesagt…

Oh those reds!
And you probably SHOULD do something about a rider on the home owners...

Tola hat gesagt…

if the animals decide they like the Wollmeise as much as you do, you should list it!

terri hat gesagt…

If ever there was someone who should have the yarn insured, it is you. Of course, finding the agent that understands may be a problem.

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