Dienstag, Februar 03, 2009

I WILL Blog Again!

In the meantime, here is a blog with some cute sheep pictures.

What has been going on here?

  • The harder I try not to buy yarn, the more I buy.

  • When I feel overwhelmed, I am very susceptible to people showing me pretty colors, especially fuzzy pretty colors. Although pretty colors on silk suck me in on occasion.

  • My sister just had her second breast cancer sugery today.

  • She has appointments with a stack of oncologists next week, but the surgery might be all she needs.

  • I am still doing gift knitting.

  • I am almost finished with the largest of three pairs of little girl socks. Their mother's pair is already done.

    I must have started the little pair four times before I got something I was happy with.

    I just finished my Iowa friend Jeanne's scarf, but it is awfully short. It was a yarn that I should have done from two skeins, alternating them. But too late now. I will take a picture when I block it

  • My mom is nuts, but I love her

  • Mom's cousin, Hortense, died recently.
    Mom: Let's call XX, she'll know when the funeral is.
    Robin: What is her phone number?
    Mom: 47.
    Robin: I need more numbers than that.
    Mom: Since when?
    Robin: Everybody as more numbers than that nowadays.
    Mom: Not for them. They aren't in nowadays.

    And, to Ruth Ann,
    Mom: Tell Hortense I'm sorry I can't make it to the funeral.

    Many thanks to Dad for taking such good care of Mom when she is so often not in nowadays herself.

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