Mittwoch, Februar 04, 2009

Cesare wants to knit

Cesare seems to have some distinct yarn preferences. He really likes Wollmeise, and he really likes alpaca.

Cesare's yarn project

I mean, REALLY likes it.

That was a skein of Paca Peds Heels and Toes from The Loopy Ewe in the Vampire's Kiss colorway. Che was less interested in the contrasting heel and toe yarn. It only took about half an hour to sort it.

But the main disaster project took about three days.

Cesare besiegt

I actually ordered a replacement, but it wasn't as cute. That was why I determined to tackle the original yarn. That and the inversion. That was the week that the air here was so thick you couldn't see through it. I had a headache and sinus icky all week. The wages of sin is death, and the wages of living in Utah is the dread winter inversion.

I was too cross to teach. I was too grumpy to do anything but sit on the bed and untangle yarn while watching Sherlock Holmes movies.

I have a pair of toes ready to go as soon as the gift knitting socks are finished.

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