Donnerstag, Februar 26, 2009

Mega Camnesia!

I finished the socks for my friend Cori's little girls and took them over tonight. One girl wasn't there, but Cori's socks and her 3-year-old's fit perfectly. Cori said she loved the edging on Gracie's sock, and Gracie said, "I love it all!"

It wasn't until I got home that I realized I had forgotten to photograph the socks after I blocked them.

My mind has been on other things, that's for sure.

My sister was scheduled to start chemo on Monday, but cancelled it instead. I have been upset all week. I want to be supportive, but I could not understand why she would cancel her treatment. She is only 46 and in good health. Why would she want to set herself up for a recurrance by not having treatment?

Finally yesterday I emailed my friend whose husband is an oncologist. I wanted her to ask her husband what the permanent side-effects of chemotherapy are, that are so bad that a person would prefer a 20% chance of their cancer coming back? Her husband kindly called me to discuss chemotherapy.

It turned out that he was actually familiar with my sister's case because her doctor had consulted with him about it (they work together). He said that she really should have chemo, but that it is ultimately her decision and we have to support her.

So I prayed really hard, and I think God listened. Because this morning my sister called me and said that she has changed her mind and is going to have chemo after all.

It turns out that all the times the doctors said she should have chemo because she is young and healthy, she and her husband thought they were saying that she could withstand the rigors, so it was OK to have it. But her surgeon explained to her that what they meant was that chemo is the gift that goes on giving. You put up with a year of misery and some possible health risks to have a really good chance of living the next 30 years without a recurrance. Because she is young and healthy, she can expect those 30 years.

So I bought her this tote bag:

chemo tote

It says, "Unbeknown to the mosquito, I just had chemo!"

Freitag, Februar 06, 2009


I'm not really obsessed with Wollmeise, am I? I don't really sit up at night organizing my wish list, and checking to see if there's any in stock?

My on-line friend, Debby from Alabama, and I started team-shopping a couple of months ago. Wollmeise updates are hard to catch, and the yarn goes fast. I snagged a bright orange for her, plus some reds for myself. She captured some for me.

This is my combined haul:

(from left)
Indisch Rot, Single Malt, Dornröschen,
Kürbis, Rotkäppchen

This is definitely the collector's instinct at work. When will I manage to get through all those yards, miles, parsecs of yarn?

Right now I am doing a test-knitting project for a German knitter using Wollmeise lace. I should have put something in the photo for scale so you could see how huge this yarn cake really is.

Wollmeise lace Blue Suzanne
Blue Suzanne laceweight

It was actually too big for my ball winder. I had to wind the last few yards by hand. I will have a ton left when the stole is finished. I wonder if I want to knit socks on size 000 needles to use it up?

I don't think that will be my next Wollmeise project, though. Right now I am obsessed with this yarn combination:

Wollmeise Gewitterhimmel and Saami
Top: Gewitterhimmel; Bottom: Saami

I am trying to decide what colorwork pattern to use these in together. I know the Saami's blue will be eaten up by the Gewitterhimmel unless it happens to line up with the very darkest blue every time, but I still think it will be interesting. Saami looks a little garish knitted by itself, but I think the colors are beautiful. I want to set it like tiny gems in the dark blue background.

At least my yarn obsession is less expensive than the harp obsession was. Remember the shattered harp photos from last month? The repair and shipping quote on it was $2850, or $4900 to replace the harp. Miraculously, the insurance company is actually going to cover the cost of the repair.

I wonder if I should list my Wollmeise collection with the insurance company. Just in case.

Mittwoch, Februar 04, 2009

Cesare wants to knit

Cesare seems to have some distinct yarn preferences. He really likes Wollmeise, and he really likes alpaca.

Cesare's yarn project

I mean, REALLY likes it.

That was a skein of Paca Peds Heels and Toes from The Loopy Ewe in the Vampire's Kiss colorway. Che was less interested in the contrasting heel and toe yarn. It only took about half an hour to sort it.

But the main disaster project took about three days.

Cesare besiegt

I actually ordered a replacement, but it wasn't as cute. That was why I determined to tackle the original yarn. That and the inversion. That was the week that the air here was so thick you couldn't see through it. I had a headache and sinus icky all week. The wages of sin is death, and the wages of living in Utah is the dread winter inversion.

I was too cross to teach. I was too grumpy to do anything but sit on the bed and untangle yarn while watching Sherlock Holmes movies.

I have a pair of toes ready to go as soon as the gift knitting socks are finished.

Dienstag, Februar 03, 2009

I WILL Blog Again!

In the meantime, here is a blog with some cute sheep pictures.

What has been going on here?

  • The harder I try not to buy yarn, the more I buy.

  • When I feel overwhelmed, I am very susceptible to people showing me pretty colors, especially fuzzy pretty colors. Although pretty colors on silk suck me in on occasion.

  • My sister just had her second breast cancer sugery today.

  • She has appointments with a stack of oncologists next week, but the surgery might be all she needs.

  • I am still doing gift knitting.

  • I am almost finished with the largest of three pairs of little girl socks. Their mother's pair is already done.

    I must have started the little pair four times before I got something I was happy with.

    I just finished my Iowa friend Jeanne's scarf, but it is awfully short. It was a yarn that I should have done from two skeins, alternating them. But too late now. I will take a picture when I block it

  • My mom is nuts, but I love her

  • Mom's cousin, Hortense, died recently.
    Mom: Let's call XX, she'll know when the funeral is.
    Robin: What is her phone number?
    Mom: 47.
    Robin: I need more numbers than that.
    Mom: Since when?
    Robin: Everybody as more numbers than that nowadays.
    Mom: Not for them. They aren't in nowadays.

    And, to Ruth Ann,
    Mom: Tell Hortense I'm sorry I can't make it to the funeral.

    Many thanks to Dad for taking such good care of Mom when she is so often not in nowadays herself.
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