Mittwoch, Dezember 17, 2008

One Thing at a Time

Today's Goal: Focus!

  • Get the pets set for the day

  • Check.
    We're not walking far in 20 degree weather.
    If at all.

  • Get the appliances started on their jobs

  • Check. With two families in the house, something has to be running all the time.

  • Wrap packages that still need to be mailed.

  • To wrap

    Do not repair the bird ornament
    that came out of the box without legs.
    Do not even look for the glue gun.


  • More laundry

  • A cat has thrown up on my duvet cover.
    Check--until next time.
    Stay. Away. From. The. Computer.

    I mean it!

  • Errands--the post office, picking up firewood, practicing the organ

  • Organ practice--Check
    I can now play all the carols for Sunday
    twice as fast as they are supposed to go,
    which is what the director wants

    Post Office--Check
    packages again

    Only 24 minutes and $66
    for five packages and 20 stamps;
    much better than I expected, especially since
    three of the packages were going to Europe

    I hope it is a green burn day,
    because I have a fire going

    And now I am going to knit. See y'all later!

    Candy Cane socks

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    Lynn hat gesagt…

    The big thing checked off my list, is tithing settlement. I also have the first sleeve done on the sweater ornament for DecoratorDude.

    No tickers