Dienstag, Dezember 16, 2008

I Survive the Piano Recital

I may have to rethink how I do my piano recitals. A whole hour of listening to beginners at various levels of preparation and stage presence might be too much for the average audience.

Some alternatives:
  • Have two recitals so each is shorter

  • Have the children learn two numbers but play only one at the recital based on which one sounds best at group lesson

  • Do the recital at a time other than Christmas when students have more time to prepare

  • No one wants to play Christmas music too early; and six weeks is not enough for some students to learn the arrangements they like. Of course if it isn't Christmas music I would make them memorize their pieces. I think only four students had their music memorized last night (kudos to Quinlan, Nico, Preston, and Kaden). Apologies to anyone else who had theirs memorized that I forgot to mention. Not that any of them read my blog other than Quinlan's mom.

    Did any of you have your kids take piano lessons? Do you have any recommendations?

    I know of one teacher in the area who has her students pay by the semester just like a college class, and then has a recital at the end of each semester. If I did that I would have to have two recitals, and they really stress me out, but everyone would know where they stand and that they had to have a piece really well learned by the end of the said semester.

    What to do now that all the concerts and recitals are over?

  • Practice the organ--I still have to play at church for Christmas

  • Mail away the gifts that should have gone out a week or two ago

  • Pump up my wood pile--it's still snowing!

  • Wrap more gifts--there are still cardboard boxes in my closet

  • Knit those socks I promised to my friend Cori and her little girls

  • Work on the poor, neglected mystery project

  • --but I have until Christmas Day for that one, since the recipient doesn't like to open presents early and he's working until 7:00 p.m. on The Day

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