Montag, Dezember 22, 2008

I Survive Church

Here is the weird thing.

My knitting doesn't have to be perfect. Yes, I frog if there's an obvious mistake, but a lot of stuff just doesn't bother me. If I have three stitches at the end of the row where there should be two, I purl two of them together, or whatever will work with the pattern. If the sock pools, I don't care.

So why does it bother me that my organ playing isn't perfect? The knitting will still be sitting there years from now, with the fudged edge stitches, or the pooling colors. The performance is gone even as it takes place. Better luck next time.

But, as I say, I survived it. The parts with the choir went really well, which was the most important to me because I would hate to mess them up when they've worked so hard. It just bugs me that every time I went for an A with my left foot I got a G. I guess it was not an A day.

Apparently some people couldn't see my pictures from yesterday. They were on Flickr. If you couldn't see them either, let me know, especially if it happens more than once. I can use Blogger's photo loader instead if lots of people can't see them.

The ones from yesterday are pretty much at the front of my Flickr photostream.


Lynn hat gesagt…

Maybe the difference between your margins-for-error in knitting and in playing the organ has something to do with when you learned to do each. Or whether you see yourself as a musician who loves to knit, or a knitter who loves to make music.

I am one of the latter; I learned to knit as a child, and while I have always loved music and rhythm, I only learned to sing well after I joined the Church as a young adult and sang in Institute choir. [That is also where I discovered a relish for performing; *love* that connection with the audience!]

Hrmm, you've given me an idea for a future blog post of my own; thanks!

[verification word: foroxim. The plural of forox?]

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Tan,
Happy holidays! I'm glad you survived! It's taken me a long time to not dwell over every mistake in a performance, and just accept the audience really and truly enjoys it. Also, to accept that mistakes are going to happen no matter what. I battle with nerves a lot, so this has been kind of a breakthrough.

I also survived December - it was so busy, I had to look at my calendar several times a day to remember which church I was going to next. Crazy. I am relaxing at my sister's house in rainy Tucson, with her little dog, the computer, a cup of coffee, and my knitting, with nowhere to go.


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