Freitag, Dezember 19, 2008

I Knit All Day

7:21 a.m.


I do some laundry.

The pattern turns out not be hard to do with Magic Loop. I discovered that I could set up the stitches so that a left-leaning decrease started each line of stitches, and that the k4 that preceded it was at the end of each line. This meant that I had 26 stitches on one cable and 39 on the other, not a problem.

3:07 p.m.


I fall asleep and have to do something else to wake up.

I think I've finally worked out my favorite way of doing a line of left-leaning decreases. Here I've used sl 1 k1 psso in the active row, and then knitted that stitch through the back loop in the following row.


Still not perfect (it is the left edge of the diagonal band) but better.

10:31 p.m.


I think they are ready for ribbing. They are very close to the "fold in half" rule of sock measurement.


Tomorrow. I am going to bed now. Trusty had better not wake me up to go out, either.

Wait. Have you seen this yet?

Click to order

It has a menge of super ideas for making self-striping yarns do all kinds of interesting things.

* * * * * *

Oh, sorry, I forgot to post the winner of the OEXPTQ contest.

2nd runner up: Teri
1st runner up: Lynn
Winner: Laurel

The answer was: Owen from Paul and Tan. X meaning Latin ex for "out of" and PTQ to mean Paul and Tan, in the same way that the Romans used SPQR to mean "the senate and people of Rome (senatus populusque romanum). But it wasn't a very fair contest, because I think only members of our family know that Owen invented his own spelling of his name before he started school: OE. So everyone who tried gets a prize. Winners, please e' me with the color family of your choice and whether you want chunky or sock. Note: Many more colors available in sock.

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