Sonntag, Dezember 14, 2008

I Do This Every Year.


OK, I don't really. Usually Amber does it, often in a marathon overnighter of wrapping, bows, and Sharpie ink. But Amber lives 45 miles away now, and has two kids, so it would be pretty silly to make her come up and wrap my presents for me. Besides, I'm not in school full time right now, so I don't have an excuse. And this year Sharman and Chris have wrapped a lot for me.

Why am I still complaining? It's Christmas. It should be fun.

Except it's boring. I'm not getting in any knitting time (see it hiding behind the candy canes?)


I have to come up with things to liven it up.

Things to do while wrapping presents:
  • Listen to Christmas CDs on the clock radio

  • Listen to an audio book simultaneously on the iPod

  • Drink diet Cokes and munch Cadbury chocolate balls

  • Text people

  • Think of weird ways to tag gifts: OK, guess what OEXPTQ* means and I will give you yarn

  • Check to see if there are any new emails, blog posts, or Ravelry messages

  • write blog posts

  • take pictures for blog posts

  • make Sharman and Chris feel sorry for me so they will wrap more of them

  • Where to put them when they're wrapped is a problem. Last year the kids figured out I was hiding gifts in the window seat in the toy room. Was that before or after they broke the cover to the window seat? Anyway, that hiding place is out. The computer room window seat is available, but I would have to move gift wrap and a pirate ship to get to it.

    I am going with big plastic bins. I suppose they might end up back in my closet. But at least the gifts will be wrapped.


    *I can't stand it, I think that is so funny. You should email your guess, though, and not put it in the comments or everyone will copy you. Let's say a deadline of Wednesday 12/17, how 'bout?

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    Lynn hat gesagt…

    Well, if I didn't live 1200 miles away [give or take], I'd come wrap your presents for you! I found a card that most people would put a gift card into, for my oldest granddaughter, and I put her knitted ornament inside. One of the inner flaps says "it's not much, but it's better than a fruitcake". I think that's almost as funny as your OEXPTQ!

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