Montag, Dezember 15, 2008

How Cool is This?

Last night at dinner I was saying that I would like to hear Chris and Howard perform "The Trumpet Shall Sound" from Messiah. Chris sang in Messiah a couple of weeks ago with the Utah Symphony, and Howard has been playing trumpet in various college and church performances of it around the city, and actually was leaving from our house in a few minutes to perform at another one.

I was thinking I could play the piano and they could perform, but our living room is pretty small and we would all need ear protection . . .

So Howard had been gone for about half an hour when we got a phone call. The baritone had just cancelled. Would Chris be willing to come sing? He decided he would, so I piled in the truck with him and we headed into Salt Lake.

Howard kept calling to see where we were, and when we were about six minutes out they started the performance. Howard met Chris at a side door and I went to park. As I slipped into the back of the church, Chris was just standing up to sing his first number.

It was so cool to hear them perform together. The church had pulled together a nice little orchestra, and the other soloists were OK. I even got brave and sang along with the rest of the congregation on the choruses, although I have never sung the alto part and got a little lost now and then. I figured my lack of voice control wouldn't matter in that setting.

I think it was Messiah, Himself, who said, "Ask, and it shall be given you."

Y'all--it works!

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Justin hat gesagt…

that is really really really cool. I wish I could have seen it.
and kudos to Chris for picking up and running out to join them.

Wish I could have seen it. Did you get any video of the performance?

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