Samstag, Dezember 27, 2008

The Christmas Loot

  • There were beautiful handmade things.

  • Laurel's quilt
    Laurel made me a quilt!
    (I am wrapped up in it as we speak)

    Merino silk by Joanne
    This delicate yarn is a 3-ply,
    representing a lot of work by Joanne

  • There were funny things.

  • Trusty Calendar July

    Trusty Calendar Dec
    Trusty Calendar, created by Todd and Joanne
    for Paul (with a little help from Photoshop and Shutterfly).
    I hope Todd will make the photos available online
    so you can see them all!

    Yes, it does have the fried peanut butter
    and banana sandwich recipe.

  • There were musical instruments.

  • Soprano recorder
    Soprano recorder, Moeck, boxwood;
    OE got a toy electric guitar

  • There were things from around the world.

  • Rajasthani puppets
    Cherry bought these Rajasthani puppets
    for me while she was in India last month

    Rajasthani puppets, borrowed from Cherry
    Here is how the puppets look in their natural environment
    (photo taken in India by Cherry)


    Helen sent me a carved stone pendant from Gemstone Beach and yarn from the Ashford shop that she got while on vacation in New Zealand

  • There were books.

  • Books, in both printed and audio versions, included Beedle the Bard, the newest Mma Ramotswe book, an audible gift certificate.

  • There was snow.

  • Light on snow

    In fact, there was a lot of snow.



    Our Christmas celebration is still going on. Everyone made it here to eat on Christmas Eve, but between Paul's work schedule and the snow, people opened gifts on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We are on our way to Celia's in about an hour to take them their gifts to open tonight.

    The kids had fun. The kids had so much fun that the grownups had headaches. That sounds like a pretty typical Christmas to me.

    I started over on Paul's scarf, the former Mystery Project.

    Paul's Scarf

    That sounds pretty typical to me, too.

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