Samstag, Dezember 13, 2008

Apples and Hubcaps

From our discussion with the Brain Health Educator at the Cognitive Disorders Center on Thursday:

Brain Lady: Your dad is pretty sharp mentally, right? He knows what's going on, he can pay the bills, and so on.

Ruth Ann and me: Yes, that's right.

Brain Lady: So we're not really talking apples and oranges here, right? Your mom and dad aren't even in the same fruit basket. Instead of apples and oranges, they're more like apples and hubcaps.

Ruth Ann and me: !!!!!!!!!!

We had a nice visit with each other and with our hubcap mom, but due to an impending snowstorm, it was pretty short.

I sent Mom home with my angel puzzle to stimulate her mind

Click picture to order

only I had to order a replacement. It's just too cute.

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