Freitag, November 28, 2008

Something else to be Grateful for

Our daughter is in India this week--only we didn't know where! She went to attend a friend's wedding, and the friend comes from a small town that Cherry knew we wouldn't have heard of so she didn't mention the actual destination.

This didn't matter until we started hearing about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai (aka Bombay). I checked all her old emails, and tried calling her housemate with no luck. Finally at about 10:00 p.m. our time we got an email from her. She is fine, and the town she's in is nowhere near Mumbai or any prominent tourist attractions. Of course we are very sad for the suffering of those who were involved in the attack. But we are thankful that Cherry is OK.

Some random knitting stuff--

I wound this yarn as a reward for putting away a big pile of music in the Christmas Tree room . . . yes, I typed that by accident. It is normally The Piano Room. We could call it a living room, but for some reason no one does.

Holiday Yarns Sock Flock in Candy Cane
The Flock Sock yarn from yesterday

I started knitting this yarn into a mystery lace pattern from a KAL that started yesterday.

Cherry Tree Hills Orenburg Lace yarn in Moody Blues

It is Cherry Tree Hill's Orenburg Lace in the Moody Blues colorway. I believe it may be the most gorgeous blue yarn in the history of the world. I am on a blue kick, Margene! Where did that come from?

I was worried about the yarn at first. It is a thick and thin yarn--I believe handspun--and sometimes I am knitting with what seem to be just three threads of silk. I was afraid I would knit this complicated project and then have one of those 3-thread stitches break and have it fall apart.

So I peeled some of the other end of the ball and pulled on it as hard as I could. Even when it's just a few strands, I can't break it. So I think it's safe to use.

I turned the heel on one Baudelaire sock yesterday only to discover I should have measured first. Oops! Much frogging early Thanksgiving morning.

Handmaiden Sea Wool in Bronze. Some day I will surprise myself and the rest of the world by knitting Baudelaire in a yarn that actually lets the delicate patterning show up

I did not get my Christmas tree up yesterday after all. Paul says he will help me this morning.


Lynn hat gesagt…

Glad she's safe! The bronze socks are gorgeous, even if the pattern isn't as evident as you'd like.

Nuking another big mug of hot chocolate and heading back for more scarf knitting...

KnitNana hat gesagt…

I'm so glad Cherry is fine.

And that Cherry Tree Hill yarn is scrumptious...
(I'm drooling..)

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