Mittwoch, November 05, 2008

I Finish Some Things

Including autumn. I think autumn is over.

snow day

But it was nice while it lasted.

Gardiner Village in Salt Lake City

The knitting things I finished were Paul's Trekking socks (the ones that took two years because they were lost for months)

Trekking socks

and the Bellatrix socks I started with a skein of Wollmeise Poison #5 while we were in Austria.

Poison Socks

Bellatrix pattern by Monkey Toes (I think her real name was Gigi Silva); I think it's only available on Ravelry right now

Actually only the feet were knitted in Austria, due to large quantities of frogging that took place when we got back. I couldn't try them on while jammed between Paul and some other person on the plane, and got the legs too big.

I knitted them toe up, and did an I-cord cast-off with loops every so often.

Poison close-up

I-cord isn't very stretchy, so the top edge just sits there in a straight line. But they fit, at least.

I am almost finished with a pair of gloves, too, but I will foto those tomorrow.

See you later!


Margene hat gesagt…

Very nice socks! Were sitting here surrounded by 3+" of snow. I do think fall is gone.

Lynn hat gesagt…

Tell that wench Autumn to get back down here to Texas, where the mercury has crept upward again. Guess Autumn was only flirting with us last week...

tapmouse hat gesagt…

GORGEOUS Bellatrix, Tan! I just scored some Poison Nr. 5-Lucky Me!

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